I've been working managing websites for many years, first in the corporate world, then moving into creating them for other businesses in 2020. I chose Squarespace as I think it's the best all-around platform to create a site that looks great and is easy to manage.

With me setting up your website, you'll be able to hand it all over and allow me to bring your vision to life!

I build just 1-2 websites per month as I love having the variety of doing this work alongside the coaching,  mentoring and membership I run. 

Want a website that Reflects your vibe?!

Distilling your essence into website format!

Website Built for Lucia - founder of Mindfulnimity. Lucia wanted a website to reflect the calming energetic work she does and to have a connection to nature. Lucia provided all the copy and images and I designed the layouts of each page using these.

Website Built for Harriet - founder of the Intuitive Soul Sanctuary, actress and Yoga Instructor. Harriet wanted an overhaul of her website to add in new content and launch her membership the Intuitive Soul Sanctuary.

Website Built for The Yoga Bar - two beautiful Yoga studios in Richmond and Twickenham. Gemma the owner wanted a high-quality website that reflected the right sort of style having spent so long ensuring the interior design was gorgeous and calming.

Websites I've Created Recently


You already have all the content, images and a good idea of what you want to on each page. This is a straight-forward build for me to input into Squarespace and includes 5 standard pages.

Prices from £899


This is suitable if you would like a more customised website with non-standard fonts and more than 5 pages. Includes setting up a blog template, and guide videos for taking over management of the blog.

Prices from £1199


The full works- I will bring in my preferred copy writer & graphic designer to help. This is ideal if you are starting right from the beginning and want to ensure your website makes the right impression!

Prices from £1800

Web Build options

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