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Who is Lauren in a Nutshell?!

Lauren takes an intuitive, supportive, heart-led mentoring approach. She draws on 15 years’ experience of working in corporate marketing leadership roles, including for Microsoft, Skype and large London marketing agencies, plus 3 years running her own successful coaching practice. Plus being mum to a spirited 5 year old boy has definitely increased her 'soft skills' and patience!

Lauren helps many clients overcome what she calls a 'Corporate Hangover' - whilst we may have stepped away or be in the process of leaving the corporate world, we bring with us many ingrained habits and ideas of how things 'should' be done - actually we have the freedom to CHOOSE and run our businesses however best works for US!

My Journey:

She helps her clients to find clarity around their values, passions, strengths and purpose to re-energise their careers & businesses. She is soul-led and believes the answer always lies within. She integrates a deep intuitive  understanding of Astrology, Human Design, and energy work as a trained Reiki Practitioner. She guides you to unlock your creativity, resourcefulness and leadership skills.

Lauren is passionate about enabling people to be the best they can be - through working smarter not harder. When we master our own mindset, we can enhance results and actually enjoy setting up and running our businesses. Ultimately when there is more joy, there is more success!

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