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Purpose is Cyclical. I can support you to find out how to tap into yours.

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Living your life purpose is when you a genuinely excited to wake up each day. It's when you are using your unique gifts to be of service to the world in a way that no one else can.

You are completely unique- no one else has your combination of experiences and YOUR Human Design. Work with me to learn how to be successful by being more YOU.

I use my background in Psychology, knowledge of Astrology and Human design, plus 17 years in marketing and business to mentor and guide you to greater self awareness which means greater impact without pushing yourself to work in a way that doesn't work for you.

We are naturally cyclical beings, yet we've grown up in a culture that's taught us life is linear.

Purpose is Cyclical. I can support you to find out how to tap into yours.

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"Within us we all have a unique energetic blueprint - our own way of doing things. Trying to copy others won't work because we are designed to be unique!"

be true. be free. be inspired.

I've never quite felt like I fitted in. That used to be a 'bad' thing, now it feels like a blessing. 

We are going to see incredible changes in the way we approach and define 'work' over the next 10 years. And you know what? it will be us leading the way and helping make things better for future generations. Unlearning old patriarchal beliefs is key, and supporting female founders is my passion.

My ultimate goal is to help as many women as possible to unlock their innate talents, express their creativity, feel fulfilled, and make a difference in the world.

I can guide you to Create a life fully aligned with your soul…


Hey there! I'm

be true. be free. be inspired.

Soul activator, Astrologer,  Tea lover 

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I’m a Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon and Scorpio rising. What this essentially means is that I’m an INTUITIVE, CREATIVE, EMPATH with a natural ability to truly SEE people and their potential at a deep level. I can hold a space for you where you will start to tap more into your unique gifts and what truly LIGHTS YOU UP!

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"I absolutely loved working with you. You inspired me to really find and believe in myself and what my business has to offer to the world. Meeting with you has given me a lifeline for my business, I feel excited again for my business and my life's purpose"


Heather, Energy Psychologist

Words from clients:

“Knowledge and expertise doesn’t simply come from traditional wisdom, it emerges through the intricate soul connection that one soul has in relation to another. I would describe Lauren as having this unique and very special ability to both listen, advise and coach with a deep understanding and touching intelligence."

Harriet, Actress, Yoga Instructor, Founder of Intuitive Soul Sanctuary


Words from clients:

“Lauren helped me in many ways and totally went above my expectations on what she taught me and supported me on. She suggested things that would challenge me (putting my face more on my brand), future possibilities (further ways to reach my audiences) and useful tools. Lauren’s help gave me the confidence to really go for my campaign.”

Words from clients:

Liz, Founder of Dot Dot Dash Coaching


client love. client love. client loVe.

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