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Originally planned for summer, these four courses have been pushed back due to my Cancer diagnosis. If you've signed up, stay tuned for new dates coming soon.

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ALL 4 courses plus 3 months of Intuitive Business Academy membership for just £333 (normal price £1076!)

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Flexible Learning starts here >

This is about working ON your business not IN your business. August can be the time of year when we actually have the headspace to do this. We do this in a chilled way in Telegram- you listen in / share when suits you. No strict time table!

Inside this intimate Mastermind, we'll focus on a different aspect of our businesses each week and start building plans together for the rest of the year. 

Includes a Zoom planning session in September where we'll all meet up online and co-work on our plans for the next few months into 2023.

This is for female business owners who feel like they want to build gentle steady momentum in a supportive intimate group.

Summer Business Mastermind

Runs August / September
Normally £299, currently £111

Move from hustle to harmony and learn intuitive ways of working so your working days and weeks feel more aligned. 

If you are feeling like the way you actually spend your working hours isn't quite working for you, this is a chance to stop and reset and create some new habits. Especially useful if you have a background in corporate and want to break free and bring more freedom into your weeks.

Together we'll review your current patterns of working and look at what needs to change and create your new weekly plan by the end of the 4 weeks.

4 weeks from 28th July, £111

The Workday Make Over

Do you feel a bit stuck or like something is a bit 'off'?

Are you curious about how your Astrology and Human Design could give you insights into your unique gifts and purpose?

Together we will journey through your Astrology chart and Human Design charts as well as bringing in positive psychology and coaching techniques I use with my 1:1 clients to help you feel confident and excited for your work.

This will run for 2 months and by the end, you'll feel clearer about what drives you, what truly lights you up, and what your next steps are!

2 months, starts late August 
Normally £333, currently £111

Connect with your Purpose

Work with the Power of Natural Cycles

My Membership Community
The Intuitive Business Academy

I'm in! 🎉

My membership is where I put my heart and soul. One of my core values is Connection. In the IBA we embrace collaboration and explore new ways of working.

Especially relevant if you used to work in the corporate world like me and have some unlearning to do, but it's not just habits we've picked up in the corporate world, it's a cultural thing.

I believe we are here now to be the pattern-breakers, to make big shifts in the way we define and do our work.

My membership is normally £39 a month, or £111 a quarter, so this is a chance to come and see how we are building a new way of working - immediate access to over 40 past workshops and experiences. 

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This is how I love working - it's based on my core values of freedom and purpose, and it's spontaneous and flexible!

If you vibe with this approach, join me for a summer (and beyond) of intuitive calm business!

All these courses complement each other and will work together if you go all in. Join and participate when suits you.

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