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Key Points from the Book “The Science of Getting Rich” Each month in the Intuitive Business Academy, we have a recommended book- we read this one together as it was a short and easy one to get through, yet really impactful – we certainly had an interesting debate about it! When I first started reading […]

April 6, 2022

Is there a ‘science’ to getting rich?

Taking a cyclical approach to health I have been focusing on taking a cyclical approach to health and the way I manage my work and life for over 2 years now, and I am always discovering ways to deepen my practices. Seed cycling is just that- it gives you different seed combinations to have for […]

April 3, 2022

Seed Cycling – cyclical approach to hormone balance

Chiron Vibes I’ve spoken to so many people this week who are feeling things are just a bit ‘off’ – have you? The New Moon we have tomorrow is working with Chiron (as seen from earth they are right next to each other) so this means their energy joins up.  Chiron is a comet with a unique […]

March 31, 2022

It’s not you, it’s the Chiron energy!

I thought today I’d share a bit about the mistakes I’ve made along the way since I have been running my coaching business. Often this might be all about ‘avoiding’ mistakes but actually I believe we need to celebrate mistakes or failures as it’s the only way we truly learn and progress. So here is […]

March 27, 2022

The Top 3 Mistakes I made when setting up my coaching business

Tarot can be used as an effective self-discovery tool (and so much more!) When I work with groups and with 1:1 clients, I now regularly include Tarot as part of this work. The Tarot deck is basically a way of describing the whole human experience that we are all going through. Pulling a card and […]

March 25, 2022

My Top 3 Tarot Decks

Lauren holding a tarot card

Bad Vibes from Facebook Do you run a membership? Are you fed up with Facebook? In this post I talk about why I think Circle is better than Facebook and how easy it was to set up. We all sense that Facebook has been in decline in terms of the ‘good vibes’ you pick up […]

March 22, 2022

Why I run my membership from Circle

At school and in work we have been taught to take a Linear approach- do the same thing each week day and each week – work set hours, and take a 24-hour cycle approach. This works generally for men or people with more masculine ‘yang’ energy, but not for women, or those with a more […]

March 16, 2022

Using your cycle to access your true power!

Cyclical Approach

Curious about Human Design? Learn how you can integrate your personal chart qualities into the way you work to feel more aligned and in flow!

March 14, 2022

Bringing Human Design into your Business

You CAN get unstuck and feel more aligned and purposeful. Things will FLOW when you connect with your intuitive magical part of your right-hand brain that often gets neglected! Below is a brief version of the guide I put together to take 5 simple steps I’ve found work time and time again when I’m feeling […]

March 11, 2022

Getting Unstuck Intuitively

Or how to reflect your ethics in the way you dress! Ghislaine is a Sustainable Stylist and a member of the Intuitive Business Academy. Here she shares with us a bit about her approach and a really useful list of recommended companies you can shop without the negative environment impact! This guest blog was written […]

March 9, 2022

Professional Style for Intuitive Business Owners