A Little More About Me

When I was 16 and choosing my A Levels, I was steered away from Art and directed towards more ‘academic’ subjects like Biology and History. I enjoyed them, but I always felt like I lost a part of myself when I put away my art tools and instead focused on textbooks and exams. I also had a secret fascination with Astrology and Tarot cards- but that was very much a secret 'hobby' I only share with those closest to me.

Fast forward through 15 years working for big London marketing agencies and major brands like Skype, Crayola, Microsoft, The National trust, Mercedes.... and I knew I wanted to make more of an impact than I was able to in my job. Having my son Leo in 2017 was also a major transition that called into question how I was spending my working hours when it meant time away from him.

I first started my business in 2018 in its first guise as a co-working club for parents. At this time, I massively underestimated how important creativity and mindset were in making it a success. Instead, like many I got distracted learning about all the strategies and tactics around social media, marketing funnels and so so many online courses! (One of my Core Values is Growth... so I really do love learning, but it can be a great distraction that feels productive but often is just to make up for lack of self worth... but that's another story!

What I realised over the course of 2020/21 was that it really wasn't about *what* I knew, but how aligned my work felt for me that determined if it was a success. Trying to promote or grow anything that ultimately felt 'off' or not aligned with my natural personality preferences just didn't stick. Even when I did all the marketing things you can do- Facebook Ads, Marketing Funnels, Reels, Landing pages, Engagement... blah blah!

I also realised that with my combination of Core Values, it was ultimately my feeling of disconnection with my true purpose and a lack of CREATIVE JOY that meant my work felt like an uphill struggle. Taking a cyclical approach and tuning into the 4 phases of the Moon really helped me allow SPACE for the creative sparks to fly!

Running your own business requires you to deal with any ‘sticky’ areas you may have especially around self-worth, confidence - and clarity on what success truly means to you. It also relies on you finding creative solutions to challenges. We need to do the Shadow work to bring depth & authenticity.

As a Manifesting Generator in Human Design, I naturally like having variety in my life. So with the work I do, I love combining my passions around enabling creativity, digging into Astrology and Spiritual / energetic work, with grounded psychology, personality insights and coaching.

My Journey:

A Little More About Me

My Journey:


  • ICF Accredited coach
  • ACCPH Intuitive Coach via Caroline Britton Academy
  • BSc in Psychology


  • Business Mastery in Florida with Tony Robbins (2020)
  • One to Many by Lisa Johnson (2021)
  • 12 months Awakening the Wild Woman with Owl & The Apothecary (2021)
  • 6 months of 1:1 mentoring with Caroline Britton (2020)
  • 4 months of 1:1 mentoring with Harriette Jackson (2022)
  • Trauma-Informed launch planning with Rachel Turner (2022)
Having Growth as one of my core values, I'm ALWAYS learning- trying out new things and taking courses... these are just a few I've done recently:
I've always been fascinated by studying behaviour and understanding how we can be our best selves. 

Core Values

  1. Deeper Purpose / Spirituality / Nature / Express your purpose
  2. Freedom / Autonomy / Choice
  3. Growth / Learning / Self-development
  4. Connection / Community / No one left behind
  5. Natural cycles / beauty of nature / eco living
Spending time getting deep clarity on my core values - what truly matters to me was one of the most powerful things I've ever committed to

How I work

I work in a cyclical way paying attention to my own cycle and energy as well as the collective energy via the Moon cycle

I am letting go of old patriarchal hustle vibes and embracing working fewer hours per week

I LOVE working with my 1:1 clients on Telegram - we message where and when suits and it's much more potent than formal weekly Zooms

started my business

FINISHED my marketing job at microsoft london

COMPLETED my icf coaching accreditation

march 2021
launched the intuitive business academy

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My journey hasn't been Linear!

I have shared my full journey on Own Trail, the platform where you can visualise and navigate your unique path through life. Set up your unique trail and tag me there!

15 years+ working in London Marketing agencies as a Senior Account Manager for major brands such as Mercedes, Microsoft, Skype, The National Trust and Virgin. 

I studied a BSc. in Psychology at the University of Southampton graduating in 2005. In 2020, I became an ICF Accredited Coach and in 2021 an ACCPH Intuitive Coach via the Caroline Britton Academy.

I have always been naturally intuitive and able to understand birth charts. I have developed this skill over the last 2 years studying Astrology & Human Design in depth. I am also a qualified Reiki Practitioner (Level 2).


Helping to unlock that creative magical spark!

Being a double Pisces, I'm totally at home in the sea. Since living on a beach in Mexico for 3 months in 2006, and training to be a PADI Divemaster, I've completed over 170 dives across the world.

I am passionate about cross-generational friendship and have volunteered with various care homes. In 2013-2015 I ran a project to help residents learn to use iPads for entertainment and video calls with family. I also host a monthly new mums Meetup in my local area (an excuse to adore tiny babies!)

I have my Moon and Mercury in the 3rd house of communication, I've always loved reading and writing. I feel I can express myself much better when writing rather than speaking!

In my 'spare' time...


What my clients have said:

"Knowledge and expertise doesn’t simply come from traditional wisdom, it emerges through the intricate soul connection that one soul has in relation to another. I would describe Lauren as having this unique and very special ability to both listen, advise and coach with a deep understanding and touching intelligence."


“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lauren. She is a wealth of knowledge and the steps you need to take. I really gained the confidence and clarity I needed to launch my Instagram account with ease. I now run the account selling positive message affirmation candles @loveup_loveyou” 


“Lauren’s help gave me the confidence to really go for my campaign – put it out there, shout about it and even do a live. I would totally recommend working with Lauren – she will offer you a wealth of knowledge with quality and encouragement, whilst believing and caring what you do.. she just ‘gets it!’.”

Liz Fraser Betts
Founder of Dot Dot Dash

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