You know you are here to make a difference, you are an expert in your field, but something isn't quite connecting. Something is out of alignment. Life does not feel like it's in FLOW. You may be working HARD but not seeing results. Or finding yourself procrastinating and unsure of next steps - overwhelmed with all the options. Let's bring in some right-brain magic and start tapping more into your intuition to guide the next steps.

are you ready to
Re:Spark your life & Work?

WITHOUT THE RIGHT MINDSET, it's always uphill


Together we start by getting to know you at a truly deep level through a series of profiling tools, Astrology and Human Design. We then work through how you can set up your life and work to feel Aligned & Purposeful.
(From 3 months).


Are things feeling a bit out of alignment? Are you getting bogged down in a never-ending to-do list? Want to fall in love with running your business again? Together we work through my three-step process to Re:SPARK your Business! 95% of business success comes from Mindset!

1/2 day sessions

Have you ever taken the time to REALLY know yourself at a new level? These sessions are the ultimate way to tap into what truly feels aligned for you and shine your unique light! We then apply this practically to your work / career / business

Conscious Business Mentorship Services

option to do this in-person if you're local!

Astrology for Business reading

A 1 hour session where we look at specific points in your chart that will help you identify how you best flow in your work. We'll discuss what type of work you offer and how you deliver it. 

Human Design reading

I have got SO MUCH from digging into my personal Human Design and it's enabled me to completely reframe how I run my business so it feels much more aligned and I'm not doing anything that doesn't feel aligned!

Combined HD and Astro reading

Want to get insights from both Human Design and Astrology? I have found a way of distilling the top insights- we won't go into as much into each as a full reading would, but you get insights into both charts. 

Astrology & Human Design

Connect with your purpose reading

Want to feel more purposeful in your work and life?
In this reading, we specifically focus on the elements of your Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design to help you connect with your purpose. This is an interactive conversation where we use the insights to delve deeper into what feels intuitively right for you. 


Conscious Website Builds

I work with Squarespace to build websites for those wanting an online presence that reflects their true vibe, and an easy way of managing content online.

I provide training on how to manage it after it's built. Trying to do it all yourself can often take many, many hours. Perhaps those hours would be better invested in your work and let me create a website that truly works for you that you are proud to share!

I recorded this 1.5 minute video to give a sense of how I work

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